Cloud Architecture Frameworks

Prajwal T
5 min readFeb 24, 2023

The power of the cloud: unlocked through great architecture.



Cloud architecture is a way to fulfill both business and technical requirements with respect to the cloud in an efficient, secure, and cost-effective manner. Frameworks provide an outline to meet the objectives and goals of the organization. Cloud architecture frameworks provide guidelines and tools on how to build, and integrate various services in the cloud. The purpose of the blog post is to share my thoughts on how architecture really works in the cloud.

Before discussing the cloud architecture framework, I want to highlight one of the most popular Enterprise Architecture frameworks ie., The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

Enterprise Architecture Framework vs Cloud Architecture Framework

  • TOGAF is a technology agnostic Enterprise Architecture framework. This means it also includes cloud computing.
  • There are overlaps between TOGAF and Cloud Architecture Framework.
  • An organization that uses a hybrid-cloud model could use TOGAF for its on-premise systems and networks. And, could use Cloud Architecture frameworks for cloud solutions.



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